outubro 13, 2016

I (again)

Full bags of eyes
Release salty water 
Drinks crack and break
The head spins in shades

I breathe but don't wanna
I sing but don't wanna
I smile but don't wanna
I cry but don't wanna

The tears, the tears
They drop, they drop
The floor, the floor
They flood, they flood

Dandy boy takes me there
Leaves me there
Can't get out when I want
But do when it falls apart

I need it to be
I breathe it to be
I am distant from me
I am close from him

The heart, the heart
It pumps, it pumps
The clock, the clock
It tics, it tics

Why do I have to be sad
To be able to write?
Why can't I be happy 
To put down joyful words?

I wonder if you care
I wonder if you can
I wonder if you would
I wonder if you will

It reads, it reads
It hugs, it hugs
It reads, it reads
It ignores, it ignores

Seems as I am again lost
In words that sing
That ding
In my mind

I breathe
I sing
I smile
I cry

The words, the words
The head, the head
It swims, it swims
It flys, it flys

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