setembro 14, 2015

Time traveling photoshoots (english)


So today I'm a little bit weird. I feel like I have so much energy and want to do lots of creative things but, at the same time, I'm really lost. It's like my head is so hyped on absorbing inspirations but not really managing how to use them in order to create something. And, believe me, I honestly miss this feeling and would loove love love to be giving it good use.

Anyway... As I was looking at my photos I came to find some really cool pics of me taken awhile back. Since this blog is more like a personal diary I'm deciding to post some of them. This way I can remind myself of how I once looked back in the day :P

Those were taken by Julio Freitas. I loved this shoot because my friend Carol was there too. She's a camera star, I have to tell you! In the first frames I was feeling sexy but then it just felt a little awkward and shyness monster took over. Is interesting to see that I really could not look at the camera. The only two I'm facing the lenses are those and not any other in the film. Sad... 
Oh, and I'm not sure when those were taken but probably 2013.

I'm not a model. I just love them and am obsessed with America's Next Top Model! This day was kinda weird, as it looks. My mum was in this photography class and asked me to join in the field trip they would make to photograph this "models" - urgh they were soooooo cheap looking - but one couldn't make it so they asked me to fill in. OK. 

So the first couple of pictures were taken by Ernesto Borba, whose photos weren't so good but the blame is really on me. I'm so stiff. The other ones are Wedson Dias'. He did great even with me sucking. The one where I'm behind the leaves is one of my favorites ever! So much mystery. 

This photoshoot was taken in 2012.

I shall finish here. Next time I'll show you the photoshoots I did with my friends. There are a some really fun ones.

Ah e decidi escrever em inglês por que quis mesmo. Ajuda a praticar a escrita, algo que preciso fazer mais vezes. Não tô obrigando ninguém a traduzir, mas o Google ajuda.


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